Medical Disposal Units

LOCKING MAILBOXES is proud to service our community and environment by offering SECURE Pharmaceutical Disposal Collection Drop Boxes and Bio-Hazardous Waste Containers. Disposal of pharmaceuticals down a toilet or drain has become a serious public concern. Either method can allow medications to make their way into regional water sources by passing through waste water treatment plants. Our Collection Boxes are environmentally friendly, secure AND compliant for medical pharmaceutical waste. We provide our Collection/Drop and Waste Collection units to pharmacies, hospitals, tattoo parlors, clinics and institutions.

Help keep our environment safe today!

These Collection Disposal Units are available for expired medications and Sharps. We offer upgrades for extra security and some units are made with rear access. If you have a unique situation and need a special Medical Collection Drop box let us know – we will do our best to get you the correct unit for your needs. Call us at 530-872-4624 !