4C Horizontal Mailbox – Maximum Height Unit (56 3/4 Inches) – Double Column – 19 MB1 Doors / 2 PL4.5’s – Front Loading


5 Year manufacturer’s warranty on workmanship, defect and U.S.P.S. Approved. The New 4C Mailboxes are required for new construction and major remodels. 5 Year manufacturer’s warranty on workmanship, defect and U.S.P.S. Approved. U.S.P.S. standard 4C requires a minimum of 1 parcel locker for every 10 tenant compartments. For indoor or outdoor use. Constructed of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel.

Available for installation (3) options Recessed into a wall, Surface Mounted or Free Standing. Photos of Free Standing and Surface Mounted units are typical images to show how the mailbox unit looks installed into the optional cabinet. The cabinet will be sized to fit the Model # you order.


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Box Numbering Details

By default, boxes are labeled with a small placard beginning with number 1 and going up to the number of boxes. Parcel lockers are 1P, 2P, etc. If you want Custom placards (for example labeling the boxes from 17 to 32 instead of 1-16), choose the custom placard option, or the Engraved Door option (with the numbers engraved into the door) above, and then enter the way you want your boxes labeled (up to 3 characters per box). Note: the cost for either custom numbering of the placards or engraving is only $5 / box.

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Recessed Mounted 4C Horizontal Mailboxes are  U.S.P.S. Approved
Manufactured by Salsbury Industries to USPS-STD-4C Specifications
Ideal for apartments, commercial buildings and residential developments
Required for new construction and major renovations
For indoor or outdoor use
Constructed of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel hardware
Feature a durable powder coated finish available in aluminum, bronze, gold and sandstone
Doors include a heavy duty cam lock with a dust/rain shield and 3 keys
MB1 doors are 3-1/4″ H x 13-1/4″ W, MB2 doors are 6-3/4″ H x 13-1/4″ W, MB3 doors are 10-1/4″ H x 13-1/4″ W and MB4 doors are 13-3/4″ H x 13-1/4″ W
Available in three (3) MB1 equivalent door high units to fifteen (15) MB1 equivalent door high units, plus our popular maximum height units (56-3/4”H)
Available in configurations that are 1 door wide (single column) and 2 doors wide (double column)
U.S.P.S. standard 4C requires a minimum of 1 parcel locker for every 10 tenant compartments
Parcel lockers must be a minimum of 15″ H to meet the 1:10 ratio. Once this ratio has been met, smaller parcel lockers may also be added
Fully integrated and stand-alone parcel lockers are available in varying sizes: PL3 (10-1/4″ H), PL4 (13-3/4″ H), PL4.5 (15-1/2″ H), PL5 (17-1/4″ H) and PL6 (20-3/4″ H)
Most units include a compartment for outgoing mail collection and is labeled “Outgoing Mail”
Outgoing mail compartment / carrier access door includes the U.S.P.S. master lock access door (lock installed by the U.S.P.S.) and cannot be used for mail distribution
Outgoing mail compartment includes a 10-3/4″ W x 3/4″ H mail slot and weather protection hood
Include factory installed 3/4″ W x 1/4″ D trim and a solid rear cover
Include a 4C horizontal mailbox connector kit to easily connect multiple recessed mounted 4C horizontal mailbox units (hardware included)
ADA height compliant units available – ADA compliance guidelines
Salsbury Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has excelled in the field of manufacturing since 1936


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