Free-Standing Roll-A-bouts Mail Center Cabinets are made of 18 gauge steel,the 2300 series include casters for mobility and are useful when space is limited  because wall construction is not required.

Free-Standing Roll-A-Bouts are rear loading* and feature a durable powder coated finish. Each Free-Standing Roll-A-Bout Mail Center includes a large rear door and are locked by placing a standard padlock (related item #2390) through a steel hasp.

Aluminum style Roll-A-Bouts (#2300) are designed to accommodate a combination of five (5) aluminum rack ladder system mailboxes and data distribution system boxes and are powder coated black.

Brass / Americana style Roll-A-Bouts/see image at left bottom*(#2350) are designed to accommodate a combination of two (2) brass or Americana rear loading mailbox units and are powder coated tan.


Cabinet Size 25 1/2″ W x 67″ H x 16 1/2″ D