Secure Curbside Mailboxes

Welcome to our huge selection of the finest Secure Curbside Mailboxes available for home or business! Locking Mailboxes takes pride in offering the largest selection and lowest prices on these fine mailboxes. These range from average size boxes to extra large package delivery style mail boxes. We specialize in working with builders, contractors and architects to give their custom master-planned homes and communities a dramatic look by matching mailboxes and adding protection from theft.

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    Oasis Jr. Mailbox

    The Oasis Jr Mailbox provides security, durability and style for any home or business!!! Our Oasis Jr Locking Mailbox has an innovative over-sized patented Parcel Delivery Door which allows for delivery of small parcels and mail bundles, keeping items secure until the box is unlocked.
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    Designer Roadside Mailboxes

    The Designer Roadside Mailboxes have both a front and rear access locking door. Each unit includes an outgoing mail tray, a lock with two (2) keys on each door (keyed alike) and an adjustable signal flag. The Designer Roadside Mailboxes are approved for USPS curbside mail delivery.
  • This Locking Rural Rear Access is the most traditional in style, but still provides the security of our other models. Mail is delivered through a solid, welded slot in the front of the box. It is retrieved through a locking door in the back of the box. One of the slimiest secure mailboxes on the market. Ideal for mounting between other boxes where space is an issue. Available in 5 colors ; Black, White, Tan, Gray, Bronze
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    The Columbia is one of our MOST POPULAR Boxes !!!!!   15" high to accommodate many days of mail and equipped with a strong 12-gauge steel door, a drill-proof lock and stainless steel components, the Columbia is a very secure mailbox with no pry points, good metal work, no sharp edges, the incoming hopper directs the mail back and away from the entrance slot so a hand can not reach into the interior compartment. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see accessory items like posts, and box spreader plates that fit this item. NOTE:
    • If you choose to add vinyl numbers or street name, you must also choose the location for the numbers to appear on the box before the price will appear.
    • You must order the "Add Vinyl Numbers" option in order to also add the "Street Name" option.
    • If you choose an option that does not return a price, choose some different options.
    • If you do not select to buy the vinyl numbers, then you make sure the "Placement of Address Nos." option is set to NONE.
    • OR if you do select Vinyl numbers then you must select an option for Placement of Address Nos.
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    The Skyline Mailbox was designed with 12 years of experience and interaction with all our customers!!! Like all of the NW Series we carry, this box is manufactured right here in the USA rather than overseas. Great low profile look with security.
  • Summit Secure Mailbox

    The all new Summit Mailbox is super-sized for owners that receive a large amount of correspondence. This box is heavy duty, designed to prevent prying with strict tolerances  and a unique hopper incoming door that accepts bulky items easily but can not be reached into very restrictive. A quality hardened double latch Cam Lock comes standard  ( optional Combo Lock is available).  Made of rolled aluminum to prevent leaks and strength, pre-drilled mounting holes. Stainless Steel hinges for many years of service.  
  • Oasis Mailbox

    Our full-size Oasis locking mailbox features contemporary styling that will compliment the look of any home or neighborhood. Fully USPS approved, the Oasis™ mailbox is constructed of individually powder coated heavy gauge steel panels with stainless steel hinges and rivets for extra durability.
  • Standard Letter Locker

    Standard Letter Locker is USPS Approved and constructed of 14 and 16 gauge steel. With a wide Incoming Mail Slot of 2" High x 11"Wide to accommodate large envelopes and heavy mail days. Wide Outgoing Mail Tray is 3" High x 11"Wide and weather protected. Scroll down to see related and accessory items for this mailbox. This item is available for customization, including Stainless Steel construction.  Call for prices on options not listed here.
  • Super Letter Locker

    The Super Letter Locker Mailbox has been built using a rotating hopper door for maximum security! It has a large 4.5" H x 10.5"W door for large envelopes and small packages and will hold weeks worth of mail - ideal for a small business or if you travel a lot!!
  • Supreme Letter Locker

    The Supreme Letter Locker Mailbox is the largest mailbox we offer and holds up to 4 weeks of mail and will accept small packages. This model is great for a small business or if you travel a lot as there's no need to hold your mail at the Post Office.
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    Mail Package Drop

    Our Mail Package Drop Boxes are USPS approved! They come built with an extra large front depository slot for large parcels and mail bundles (11" wide x 5" high) and a rear access door.
  • Weekend Away Vault

    dVault's new post or column mounted Weekend Away Vault  this box has "teeth" to protect prying hands from getting to your mail or small parcels!!! Beware Mail Thieves!!!! The Weekend Away Vault has decorative design lines and decorative embossing on both doors making it attractive for your home!! Unique weather seal keeps items dry in times of bad weather.
  • Full Service Vault locking letterbox with innovative incoming mail-slot and outgoing compartment. Shown with mailbox and package-drop doors open (top left). Key-locked mailbox and package access doors open (top left). Truly a full service Mail & Package Box, mail on top and a large patented lower hold. Great for owners that receive shipping boxes and  residential US Mail delivery.