Parcel Boxes

Locking Mailboxes provides a wide range of “USPS Approved” Parcel Box Units to choose from. In fact, we specialize in package delivery systems – whether wall-mounted, curbside or free-standing – we have it! Parcel Lockers offer tenants or homeowners a convenient way to receive packages on site. We can help you develop solutions ranging from a single residence to an entire community

  • Parcel Delivery Boxes

    Parcel Delivery Boxes (4)

  • Deposit Vault

    Large hopper style door, rear Access Key-locked Package door can be mounted in a column or free standing.
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    4C Pedestal Parcel Locker (Includes 26 Inch High Pedestal and Master Commercial Lock)(48-1/8 Inches) - Stand-Alone Parcel Locker 4C Pedestal - Front Loading - 4C pedestal lockers for private access, will accept USPS Arrow Lock. Ideal for colleges, schools,  corporate mail centers, military , government agencies and many other applications.
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    Stand Alone 4 Parcel Locker

    $1,800.00 $1,710.00
    This is the Largest stand alone 4 parcel locker on the market. Accepts the USPO Arrow or the Private Commercial Locks. Ideal where space is limited and there is a need for large parcel receptacles ( PL6 Locker measures-20 3/4" H x 13 1/4' w x 19" D )
  • Our Outdoor Parcel Locker  (OPL's) meets all the security standards set by the USPS. These free-standing parcel lockers allow carriers to conveniently deliver parcels. Include 2 large front loading 12'' W x 19-3/4'' H x 15'' D compartments
  • Parcel Protector Vault

    The Parcel Protector Vault can be post mounted or set into a column to give your home or business a nice clean finish look.The bottom retrieival door can be changed to any position that you need,( front, right, left, rear )very conventant for mounting and usage needs.
  • FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA! Limited Time Offer  Out-side delivery. Galvannealed-steel (155 Lbs) 16 gauge package delivery box. Rear key-locked access door. Stainless steel hinges.Overall Dimensions: Assembly 19 in. W x 50 in. H x 19 in. D Vault 19 in. W x 40 in. H x 19 in. D Pedestal 18.75 in. W x 18.75 in. D x 10 in. H Extra Heavy Duty.  Mounting pedestal included.
  • Full Service Vault locking letterbox with innovative incoming mail-slot and outgoing compartment. Shown with mailbox and package-drop doors open (top left). Key-locked mailbox and package access doors open (top left). Truly a full service Mail & Package Box, mail on top and a large patented lower hold. Great for owners that receive shipping boxes and  residential US Mail delivery.